Founder Bio

Jessica began Hanky Pancreas at Parsons The New School For Design during her master’s thesis addressing a theme of design, technology and the human condition. Hanky Pancreas evolved from her study of the socio-psychological impact of chronic illness and the social potential of wearable health technologies. Since graduation, Jessica is honored to have been a speaker at The Mayo ClinicHealthcare Experience DesignConferenceMedtronic Minimed and on the Public Radio International show, The Takeaway. She has received accolades from The Mayo Clinic, Core77DiabetesMine and Humana, and exhibited designs at EYEBEAM in NYC, DHUB Museu in Spain and at Design4Health in the UK. Originally from St. Louis, MO she currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Jessica was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 4 years old and after many years of injections she started using an insulin pump. While her medical health improved, she struggled with the social inconvenience and wearability of the device. During her thesis research, she found her story was similar to many other women and began conceptualizing a way to improve the experience in terms of comfort and confidence.

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