Company Impetus

For a person living with diabetes, the social and psychological impact of the illness can affect day-to-day management. Individuals who feel more social support living with the disease may be in better health than those who do not. Studies show that patients with diabetes are more likely than their non-diabetic peers to develop anxiety, depression, and disordered eating behavior.

While insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors serve as significantly better alternatives to multiple daily injections and finger sticks, some people are concerned with how it will affect their appearance to others. Primary research has shown that women, specifically within the range of 15 – 35, are less likely to use these treatment options due to reasons that are typically socio-psychological in nature. Some may find these devices socially inconvenient and difficult to integrate into clothing or on the body.

Hanky Pancreas, LLC strives to address these issues by providing fashionable yet functional design solutions that help to transform the devices into comfortable yet decorative additions to any outfit. The mission is to ignite new and more positive conversations, raise awareness, create support in everyday environments and improve overall health for those living with diabetes.

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