Company Background

Launched in 2010 by Jessica Floeh, Hanky Pancreas, LLC manufactures, develops, and markets products for individuals wearing diabetes technologies such as insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors, or CGMs. The products, currently for women, provide a more comfortable, accessible, and fashionable alternative to current after-market products available.

Among the core products are the Hanky Scarf™, Hoop’n Bolus™, Clip Slip™, Hanky Hoop™, Bib ‘n Tucker™, and Weave Sleeve™ that cater to different levels of comfort and provide multiple options for wearing. These products interface directly with the medical devices and are made with well-known protective materials meant for electronics that also feel good against the body. Other materials commonly used are sheer fabrics that help to make the important screens and buttons on the devices visible and accessible. The core products are meant to provide the function for the fashion, acting as a base for interchangeable accessories. The accessories are made of materials such as artificial flowers, feathers, and various fabrics. Some of the core products are made to be used with common accessories such as scarves and long necklaces.

Jessica Floeh conceptualized Hanky Pancreas, LLC in 2009 during her master’s thesis in Design and Technology at Parsons The New School For Design in New York City. After receiving continued press and accolades it was established as an limited liability company on June 14, 2010. Items are sold through an ecommerce store at Hanky Pancreas, LLC is currently owned and operated by Jessica Floeh in Brooklyn, NY.

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