Call For Submissions


CALL FOR VIDEOS (Due February 18, 2018): Are you a woman or girl affected by Type 1 Diabetes (includes non-diabetic caregivers)? We will create one free accessory for you or your loved one’s insulin pump in exchange for asking you to record a video of yourself or child, sharing challenges and what’s been helpful to you as a woman or girl affected by Type 1 Diabetes.

HOW TO:  Select one of the survey links below and use your computer, tablet, or phone to video record yourself / child or teen answering the questions. When you are done, you can upload the video file directly in the survey as well. If you identify as both, choose one or do one of each! Up to you.

Women who are T1D Caregivers: click here » 

Women & Girls with T1D: click here »

ELIGIBILITY:  We are looking for videos from women or girls affected by T1D. This means women who play or used to play a primary role in Type 1 Diabetes management as well as women living with Type 1 diabetes (can include girls under 18 with parental consent, and adult women of all ages). If you have a question about inclusion, please reach out to

WHY: Listen, we know there are great men out there doing the work, too; we see you T1 dudes, D-Dads, brothers, and significant others! We love you.`However, this past year, the International Diabetes Foundation decided the theme for World Diabetes Day would be focused on women and diabetes health equity. For good reason! Gender roles and power dynamics influence vulnerability to diabetes, affect access to health services and health behavior for women, and amplify the impact of diabetes on women.  Right now, we are making a video for a grant program to improve health equity in diabetes, and want to refocus on and highlight the challenges and opportunities in the community of women and girls affected by Type 1 Diabetes. This grant could help us bring Hanky Pancreas back to life! We want you to be part of it!

QUESTIONS? Email Jessica at



Thank you to all who love Hanky Pancreas! These products used to be sold through the shop, but are currently not being made because Jessica Floeh, the founder / designer, can no longer sustain it time & money-wise. She would LOVE to re-ignite it and is actively looking for funding to move from hand-making to manufacturing. In the mean time, she is happy to create custom pieces and continues to empower patients as designers through her work at Patient X Design.